Positions (hugecake) wrote in virtucomm,

What hack / attack could result in this?

I came up with a problem and need your kind help—thank you in advance!

A computer network goes down, either from the result of malicious intrusion or random misconfiguration. It is just mysterious. The settings are wiped, and no one knows the proper ones. The experts pool their talents and figure them out after a period of time.

Admittedly, this is an unprecedented network emergency that nobody would have anticipated or prepared in advance. However, this incident may happen--even it sounds "impossible" or "unthinkable" now.

1. If this scenario does exist, what/ or how could it be? What available attack or hack technique would result in similar effects?

2. From current techniques of computer attack /hack, imagine and narrate a situation which most resemble aforementioned.

Thank you!
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