Anyone going to AoIR06?

Association of Internet Researchers' Conference ~ Brisbane: 27th - 30th of September 2006.

I was just wondering if there are many people from this community who might be going to the AoIR conference next week in Brisbane?

Or.. do all the real internet studies academics keep "real blogs" and not el-jays? heh.. ;)

Nah, srsly, in the spirit of networking... we could all hang out, LJ-posse-style... :)

...I apologise if this post lowers the tone of the community. :/
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A new mud

Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles is set in a world unlike any other. Carlean scholars have recently unlocked the system of the world, giving them unprecedented control over the forces of nature. Though some denounce this new science as magic and heretical. Meanwhile the Alberen natives in the south fight to keep their homelands safe from the destruction wrought by the Carleans "progress" and unrelenting expansion. Utilizing the ancient techniques of spirit conjuring and runelore, they present a formidable foe for any enemy of the Ianai forest.

We are currently accepting applications for builders!

Interested parties should send an e-mail to with the following information:

- Your name and age (You must be 18 or over to apply)
- Your experience with MUDs, including time spent as a player, builder, immortal, or admin
- A sample of your writing. This should be in the form of room descriptions (please no more than 10) plus a single item description of some kind of steam-punk gadget that might be appropriate for the Ilyrias theme.
- And anything else you think we should see

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
Contact us via comments or visit our forums.

Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2006 - Brisbane, Australia.

i notice that this hasn't been posted in this community yet and might interest some people:

Association of Internet Researchers - Internet Convergences

Brisbane, Australia
28-30 September 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops: 27 September 2006

Abstract Deadline: February 7, 2006
Paper Deadline: July 31, 2006

Presentations can include:
• Single papers (abstract max of 750 words)
• Multiple paper sessions (overview max of 1000 words)
• Short Presentations (abstract max of 750 words)
• Creative or Aesthetic Presentations (abstract max of 750 words)
• Roundtable (abstract max of 500 words)

Call for Papers Announcement

International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers


The Internet works as an arena of convergence. Physically dispersed and marginalized people (re)find themselves online for the sake of sustaining and extending community. International and interdisciplinary teams now collaborate in new ways. Diverse cultures engage one another via CMC. These technologies relocate and refocus capital, labor and immigration, and they open up new possibilities for political, potentially democratizing, forms of discourse. Moreover, these
technologies themselves converge in multiple ways, e.g. in Internet-enabled mobile phones, in Internet-based telephony, and in computers themselves as "digital appliances" that conjoin communication and multiple media forms. These technologies also facilitate fragmentations with greater disparities between the information-haves and have-nots, between winners and losers in the shifting labor and capital markets, and between individuals and communities. Additionally
these technologies facilitate information filtering that reinforces, rather than dialogically challenges,'narrow and extreme views.

Read more...Collapse )

Association Website:
Conference Website:
dapper pea

At the Piano

at_piano2 - click for full screenshot

Seated at the piano at my paz (port-a-zone) that used to be in the sky over the Tyr boneyard. I always loved the moon and the stars here. I think this was sometime around last Christmas since there is snow falling.

Hi, all. This is a cross-post from my journal. I will be making these kinds of posts there regularly so feel free to add me and follow along.

blogging "communities" - individual monologues...

I'm probably repeating myself again - The blogging interface on most blogs - is frustrating in that it centers the monologue.

In livejournal an illusion of conversational interactivity seems at least possible - but the organization of conversations becomes inefficient there too (which is why I suppose the "friend cut" happens - when someone is trying to do a sort of "spring cleaning" on their LJ...)

Anyways - Like T. S. said at the precon in aoir - it took 5 years for researchers to actually begin to examine LJ - but is this perhaps also generational?

Can one experience LJ cyber-ethnographically if one is old enough to be an academic producing what is officially recognized as "research" - who lives there?


Anyone care to discuss this?
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(no subject)

i'm thinking of starting an encyclopedia nerdaica which would use a wiki to chronicle the cultural/social history of the internet as it happens. it would basically be a serious version encyclopedia dramatica (cuz the internet is serious business ;) or a meta

what do you think? would you contribute? is someone already doing this?

what do you want in a 3D virtual community toolset?

I am directing a project to design and implement
the next-generation of web-based 3D for general use
[ see the xVRML Project site for more details ]

our goals include directly supporting
Avatars and multi-user virtual spaces

my question for this LiveJournal community is
what sort of tool(s) would be the most valuable to people
to support individuals constructing their own spaces?

sure sure
the obvious answer is "modeling apps"
but that is mostly the answer for
"professionals" or focused amateurs
but what about for the majority of folks
who will probably want to assemble sets and scenes
rather than build objects "from scratch"

what tool(s) do the members of this "group" think
would best serve the "newbie" or somewhat "casual" user/constructor
of 3D virtual environments??