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Help! Help! I need a little help here.

I could use your help. I came here hoping that a community that boasts interest in virtual communities/culture might be willing to help me test my webpage. Yeah, I know I just bopped into this community today. How rude! Just joined and already asking for a hand out, huh?

I'm testing a plug-in on a webpage, a webpage that happens to have a video you may enjoy watching if you haven't seen it before: "Real Life vs. The Internet" by RedvsBlue.

What I'm testing is Chatterbox. I tried Shoutbox first. It kept timing out.

I'd appreciate it if everybody and his grandmama would drop by and leave a comment in the chatterbox on the page. Feel free to link back to your Live Journals. You can comment on the chatterbox, give me a tip on similar products (I'm a dabbler, not a genuine technophile.), or comment on the video even, whether you find amusing, whether you've seen it before, you know.

It's racy humor, so if you're a prude, I suggest you don't watch it.

I have a background in communications, so this is makeshift user testing here.

WOW, must be a little manic today. I did go on.


PS: If I've broken an unspoken community rule, here, please let me know.
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